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Kinsa Smart Ear digital thermometer with phone

Kinsa QuickCare Smart Thermometer


Kinsa QuickCare Smart Thermometer

Kinsa QuickCare smart digital thermometer helps you react appropriately when illness strikes.

QuickCare is FDA-cleared for safety & accuracy and doctor recommended for all life stages, even newborns. This award-winning thermometer gives you fast, professionally accurate and reliable oral, rectal or under the arm temperature readings in 8 seconds or less.... but that's just the beginning!

QuickCare syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the accompanying app offers personalized guidance based on age, fever and symptoms! Do you require rest and fluids, ibuprofen, or a trip to the doctor? The free Kinsa app will give you the information you need to get better faster.

By purchasing and using the Kinsa QuickCare thermometer, you contribute to our increasingly vital mission of helping to stop the spread of contagious illness. Read more below on how we’re bringing this mission to life. 

Specific features of the Kinsa QuickCare smart thermometer include:

  • Bluetooth connection to the Kinsa app
  • FDA-cleared for safety & accuracy for all life stages
  • Fast reading in 8 seconds or less
  • Use orally, rectally or under the arm
  • Flexible comfort tip
  • Large backlit display
  • Readings in °F or °C
  • Ergonomic one button design
  • Hygienic storage pouch
  • Replaceable battery (CR2032)

The Kinsa App: Like a Nurse in Your Pocket

The Kinsa app uses your age, fever and symptoms to provide personalized guidance in your moment of need, allowing you to respond to illness right away.

  • Get age-based recommendations in real-time on how to feel better faster
  • Keep a log of your family’s health with individual profiles
  • Track medication dosages and set reminders
  • Know nearby illnesses on the rise so you can take the appropriate actions to stay well
  • Connect to telemedicine, a nurse hotline, or other moment-of-need services

Feel Better Guidance

Kinsa's Care Recommendation feature gives you peace of mind with age-specific fever and symptom guidance in real-time so you can know when it's important to take extra precaution or see a doctor. The Kinsa app helps you get better faster by connecting you to the information and services needed to get better faster.

Health History

Kinsa keeps a log of fever readings, symptoms, diagnoses and medications for each family member. Use this log to refer back on or share with your doctor for a quicker diagnosis. Your doctor will be impressed you know exactly when the cough or fever started.

Medication Dosage & Reminders

Track medication dosages, learn what medications are appropriate for your symptoms, and set medication reminders - so you never forget the next dose. This feature is especially helpful when a fever is high and your doctor recommends alternating between medications.

Ellie Will Cheer You Up

Ellie the Elephant makes temperature taking fun! Try Kinsa yourself to see why we are praised for turning the worst part of caring for sick kids into the best!

Is the Kinsa App Required for QuickCare to Work?

Your Kinsa QuickCare Thermometer is designed for use with or without a smartphone. However, for the full experience including features such as symptom tracking and fever guidance, you will need to download the Kinsa app.

QuickCare is compatible with iPhones and Android phones. Download the free Kinsa app on the App Store or Google Play. Kinsa temperature data integrates seamlessly with Apple's Health app.

Kinsa's Mission

Our mission is to help stop the spread of contagious illness. We believe this mission is even more vital given the public health crisis we are facing today. Accomplishing our mission requires better information on where and when illness is spreading. Only then can the right organizations and resources be mobilized to stop its spread. We aggregate anonymous temperatures and symptoms to understand where illness is spreading in real-time. We give this information back to Kinsa smart thermometer users through local health alerts - empowering you with the knowledge you need to keep your loved ones healthy. Thank you for joining us in this big, bold mission. We can’t accomplish it without you.


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